Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fun or Funny?

Note this common mistake:

We had a funny time on our vacation

We had a fun time on our vacation. 

There is frequent confusion between fun and funny.  Take a look at the differences between these commonly used words:

fun vs. funny

+Funny (adj.) can describe a person or thing that is:

1. comical (haha...!)

I think George Carlin is the funniest American comedian.

2. different

My Japanese students think it's funny how Americans sometimes eat standing up.
3.  strange

Your bathing suit smells funny...did you forget to dry it?
4. interesting
It's funny how time flies, isn't it?

+Fun: describes an event, person or thing that is enjoyable and exciting.  It can be a noun or an adjective:

1.   (noun)

We always have fun when we go surfing. (event)  
2. (adjective)
 I enjoy spending time with my sister-in-law because she's so much fun. (person)
 Barcelona is a fun city, especially during the summer months.  (thing)

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