Monday, July 6, 2015

5 MORE Common Mistakes Portuguese Speakers Make

I've already posted about common mistakes the Portuguese make, but here are some more! Yay! As I wrote before: When we try to speak in a foreign language we translate directly and literally from our own, but sometimes translating does not work, as in the following examples.

1. assist/attend

  • I'm going to assist attend a conference about international business this weekend.
Note: Assist means to help somebody or provide assistance.  Ex. I need somebody to assist me in deciphering this cell phone bill!

2. coffee/café

  • I want to go to a outdoor coffee café with a view of the river. 
Note: We only use coffee for the drink...this mistake is SO common!

3. yet/still

  • Are you still working yet?
Note: We could also ask the question: "Have you gotten off of work YET?"

4.  anybody/nobody

  • Anybody  Nobody wants to take vacation in August.  Everybody wants to take vacation at the end of July. 

5. are/there are

  • Are There are lots of people here!
I hope this helps!

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