Tuesday, May 10, 2016

10 CH- words (pronounced SH) that come from French.

Portuguese speakers have trouble pronouncing the CH phoneme as in "chair".  A Portuguese speaker will usually pronounce it "SHair."  Now, there DO exist words with the CH phoneme that are actually pronounced SH.  These words came to English through French.

To all my Portuguese speakers, feel free to say "SH" with this list of words!

  1. chef  (cook)
  2. chauffeur (driver)
  3. chalet (big ski cabin)
  4. chandelier (ornate lighting fixture)
  5. chic (cool)
  6. cliché (trite or banal saying)
  7. crochet (similar to knitting)
  8. charlatan (somebody who is a fake)
  9. champagne (We all know what champagne is, right?)
  10. machine (We all know this one too...)
There are many more words that entered the English language via French when William the Conqueror, the first Norman king of England gained control of the British Isles. 

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