Saturday, May 14, 2016

GHOTI=FISH? Pronunciation in English is crazy!

So how in the world could GHOTI be pronounced FISH in English?

Well let's take a look at GH.  In English this sound used to be represented as X, coming from Gaelic.  For example, in all these words, the GH sound is an F sound:


The second sound, O, in English, is at times pronounced as an I.  This is the only example I can think of in English where an O is  pronounced as an I.  


Now let's take a look at TI. This sound is like SH in English, and there are many examples of this because English has a ton of words ending in TION:


So to summarize:

GH (F) O (I) TI (SH)

Now we can see that English is NOT a phonetic language (a language in which letters represent the same sounds every time.)

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