Friday, July 1, 2016

Irregular Verb Group 4: T-T-T

Here goes list four!  Although this verb group is big, this is the easiest list because all you have to do is memorize one word. As I already wrote, remember to study one group at time. Only move on to the next when you have memorized it superbly!

Note: These verbs are "weak" irregular verbs because they end in 't', which is close to the regular ending ('d').

Irregular Verb Group 4: T-T-T

  1. bet bet bet
  2. bid bid bid
  3. broadcast broadcast broadcast
  4. burst burst burst
  5. cost cost cost
  6. cut cut cut
  7. hit hit hit
  8. hurt hurt hurt
  9. let let let
  10. put put put
  11. quit quit quit
  12. set set set
  13. shut shut shut
  14. split split split
  15. spread spread spread 

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