Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Irregular Verb Group 3: EEP/EAP-EPT-EPT

Here goes list three!  Scroll down for previous irregular verb groups. Remember to study one group at time. Only move on to the next when you have memorized it superbly!  This list is a long one...

*Note: British speakers usually uses these irregular verbs, while Americans usually use the regular form.For example:
"Yesterday I burned my pancake!" (American)"Yesterday I burnt my fish and chips!" (Brit) 

These verbs are "weak" irregular verbs because they end in 't', which is close to the regular ending ('d').

Irregular Verb Group 3: EEP/EAP-EPT-EPT

1. creep-crept-crept
2. leap-lept-lept
3. keep-kept-kept
4. sleep-slept-slept
5. sweep-swept-swept
6. weep-wept-wept

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