Wednesday, June 10, 2015

E-mailing Politely: How do I ask for something NICELY?

Emailing can be a bit tricky for ESL learners.  Here are a few tips to get you started divided by section of the email.

  • Greetings

    • Dear___________, (formal, most common)
    • Hello there __________, (informal, personal)
    • Hi/Hey ____________, (very informal, personal)
    • To Whom it May Concern, (formal, unknown recipient, used to make a complaint...)
    • Dear Sir or Madam, (formal, unknown recipient, kinder, used for job applications) 

  • Good openers

    • I hope this email finds you well. (formal)
    • I hope all is well. (formal)
    • I hope all is good. (informal)
    • Thank you for your email. (formal)
    • It's great to hear from you. (informal)
    • I just wanted to touch base regarding...(formal)
    • I wanted to get in touch with you about...(formal)

  • Making Requests (the verb is underlined)

    • I would appreciate it if you could send (simple verb) me some samples from your office.
    • It would be greatly appreciated if you could rush the request for payment because my client is waiting. 
    • Would you mind moving (gerund) the deadline back?
    • Do you think you could possibly find an earlier date?
    • Could you check on that for me at your earliest convenience?

  • Closing

    • Best regards, (formal...and my favorite.)
    • Best, (informal)
    • Sincerely, (most formal)
    • Your friend, (informal)
    • Your colleague, (formal)
Well, readers, that should help you get crafting your polite emails.  That's it for today!

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