Saturday, June 6, 2015

PORTUGUESE SPEAKERS: You know more in ENGLISH than you may think...

As English possesses Latin, brought to England by the Roman Empire, there are tons of words in the English Language that have the ending (tion), which can be easily replaced with the Portuguese ending (ão).  This vocabulary is more advanced, as Latin words were brought to England by clergy who could read and write.

Here is a short list just to demonstrate that you (Portuguese speakers) probably know more than you think!...And if you English speakers are learning Portuguese, you already know 20 words:

  1. transportation--transportação
  2. information--informação
  3. education--educação
  4. determination--determinação
  5. excavation--escavação
  6. ovulation--ovulação
  7. verification--verificação
  8. laceration--laceração
  9. petition--petição
  10. classification--classificação
  11. notion--noção
  12. potion--poção
  13. rendition--rendição
  14. lotion--loção
  15. cognition--cognição
  16. inflammation--inflamação
  17. congregation--congregação 
  18. limitation--limitação
  19. configuration--configuração
  20. nation--nação

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